Portable power supply that will change your life

Electricity is essential to life, and it is important to have it ready for any time and any situation.

POWER STAR portable power supply can supply power from a variety of terminals, so it can be used in a variety of situations.


​POWER STAR is a brand specializing in large-capacity portable power supplies from T.O. Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo.

We strive to be the first brand chosen by consumers in the field of large capacity portable power supplies.

We provide stable power to consumers during disasters, outdoors, and in a variety of work fields.

5 reasons to choose POWER STAR


Convenient and smart application

We are the first company in Japan to release a large-capacity portable power supply that can be controlled using a mobile app. You can remotely control LED switches, etc. using a dedicated APP, so it's stress-free even when you're far away. You can also check the remaining charge capacity, which is a very convenient function for outdoor use.


​Overwhelming energy capacity

​POWER STAR has a large capacity of 1700wh. Through repeated research and development, we deliver high-performance products that meet a wide range of customers and needs as a unique high-capacity portable power source.


​Thorough quality assurance and safety

We have obtained multiple certifications around the world and have quality insurance for safety and security. All of the factories that manufacture our products have obtained ISO standard certification (a standard established to maintain the same quality worldwide), and all products delivered to customers undergo rigorous testing before being shipped from the factory. We are conducting an inspection.


​Design that blends into the interior

In addition to pursuing performance, this product also pursues design. In addition to its functionality as a product, we also offer a variety of colors to suit various situations, such as disaster prevention products that can be kept indoors on a daily basis and those that can be enjoyed outdoors.


​Excellent after-sales service

We provide a comprehensive after-sales service so that you can use our products safely and securely, so that you can get your hands on a better brand in the field of large-capacity portable power supplies. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.

Three powers to choose from depending on your application

Purchase page (​2000W)

Purchase page (​500W)

Purchase page (​300W)