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Unisex lightweight super mini folding umbrella

Unisex lightweight super mini folding umbrella

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It is a lightweight folding umbrella weighing 148g that is easy to carry.
You won't feel stressed even if you carry it around in your bag.

The back of the fabric is coated with polyurethane, which has a heat shielding effect, and the light blocking rate is over 99% for all colors.
In particular, the UV shielding rate and light shielding rate of dark colors are both over 99.99%.
This parasol is made of fabric that will withstand the harsh midsummer sun.

It is also water repellent and waterproof, so you can use it even when it rains.
It is very useful to have an umbrella that can be used whether it is sunny or rainy.

Size: Diameter 90cm, total length 51cm, folded 21cm
Material: Alloy, fiber
Country of origin: CHINA
Weight: 148g
Product number: sylLN83a


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