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[Tissue box that can also store small items]

[Tissue box that can also store small items]

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■Organize all together
A very convenient storage box that combines a tissue box and accessory case.
A storage item that will keep your tabletop tidy and tidy.
Recommended for storing remote controls, audio accessories, PC peripherals, stationery, and beauty goods such as nails, cosmetics, and makeup tools.

■Can be used in a space-saving manner
Since the tissue case and storage box are integrated, it can be used in small spaces without adding bulk.

■Easy to carry
Store your cosmetics and take care of yourself while watching TV in the living room, or store your massage supplies and relax in your bedroom♪
It is lightweight so you can carry it around and use it from room to room.

■Storage to show off
Create a room that doesn't feel like you're living in it♪
Modern design with a warm wooden cover and durable plastic.
A stylish tissue case with a gentle and warm texture that can only be achieved by natural materials and a sophisticated form.

■Refreshing and compact
Tissue box compatible with pocket tissues and compact tissues.
It does not get in the way even on a tabletop, so it is recommended to use it on a PC desk or in an office.

■A little luxury for living alone
Stylish interior goods that are perfect for single-person living, such as the new life of university students and working adults, and those living alone.
The wooden lid adds warmth to your room.

■Easy to blend into your room
Stylish storage goods that go well with any room, including Scandinavian tastes, monochrome, natural, Western rooms, Japanese rooms, living rooms and work rooms.
With a clean white color, it can be used not only by women in their 20s, but also by men in their 30s and 40s.

■For store interiors
Simple and stylish storage goods are also recommended as store decorations such as cafes and beauty salons.

■As a gift
Simple storage items that go well with any room, including Scandinavian style, modern, simple, cafe style, Japanese modern (Japanese-style room), and Western style.
It is very popular and recommended as a gift for housewarming gifts etc.

[Material] PS, camphor bamboo

[Size (cm)] Width 26 Depth 15 Height 12
[Country of origin] CHINA


[Country of origin]

[Product number] ncsA0400a

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