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Under-desk storage wagon 2 tiers

Under-desk storage wagon 2 tiers

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A file wagon with casters that can store and organize files, books, and documents.

A wagon with partitions for easy sorting, made of high-quality PP, and a one-tier diagonal shelf for easy access. Ideal for storage under a desk with 2 tiers.

A wagon to make the most of the dead space under your desk.
It is convenient when you want to store reference books that you want to keep around your desk and use them while working at your desk.

The slanted shelves make it easy to store and take out books even under the desk.
Compared to horizontal shelves, books are less likely to fall over.

In addition to storing files and bags, it can also be used to store items such as disaster prevention goods, towel blankets, and disinfectant spray.

Files, bags, and small items can be grouped together , so you can create a clean space on your desk and at your feet.
It comes with casters for convenient movement, so you can easily move it around when cleaning or taking out items.

[Size (cm)]
[FREE (cm)] Width 40.4 Depth 20.5 Height 29

[Material] PP

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] acb9162a

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