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[ aimoha Men's ] Smartphone shoulder strap

[ aimoha Men's ] Smartphone shoulder strap

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You can attach it to accessories such as a bag and hang it on your shoulder, or attach the shoulder strap to your camera case and use it when carrying your camera.
You can easily access your phone without putting it in your pocket, making it easier to check calls and messages.
Available in a variety of designs and colors, users can choose according to their taste and style.
It is also convenient for carrying not only your smartphone but also other small items such as your wallet and keys.
Load Capacity: 15kg: Each rope is carefully woven with a diameter of 10mm, making it durable and highly abrasion resistant.

[FREE (cm)] Length 120

[Material] Rope part: Polyester, PU Part part: Acrylic, polyester, zinc alloy

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] aimooSMSTRPa

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