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Korean style girly pajamas

Korean style girly pajamas

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These are girly pajamas with cute prints, lace and ribbons!
These cute pajamas are soft to the touch and will make you feel good while at home.
It has long sleeves and long pants, so it can be used by people who tend to get cold due to air conditioning.

[Size (cm)]

[M(cm)] Width 50 Shoulder width 36.5 Length 63 Sleeve length 57 Waist 55 Hips 96 Pants length 97 Inseam 71 Thigh circumference 63 Hem circumference 37
[L(cm)] Width 53 Shoulder width 38 Length 67.5 Sleeve length 59 Waist 56 Hips 100 Pants length 99 Inseam 73 Thigh circumference 64 Hem circumference 42
[XL(cm)] Width 54 Shoulder width 38.5 Length 68 Sleeve length 59 Waist 58 Hips 102 Pants length 99 Inseam 73 Thigh circumference 65 Hem circumference 40

[Material] 100% polyester%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] atfwe3233a

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