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Outdoor portable dog water cup (with filter)

Outdoor portable dog water cup (with filter)

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[Excellent Design] The pull-out design is easy to use, and the 6cm wide spout structure is designed to make it easy to drink, taking into account the characteristics of dogs when drinking water. Fits most dogs' tongues. It is now easier for your pet to drink water outdoors.
[Water Leak Prevention] The lock button design can prevent water leakage. You can lock it and carry it safely without spilling any leftover water.
[Easy to operate] When using, pull out the aquarium and open the lock button to let the water flow down. After drinking, please lock the button to prevent the water from coming out again.
[Easy to carry] The product comes with a strap, so you can hang it on your bag or hand, making it a very convenient and necessary product for walking with your pet.







[Material] Water tank: FDA food certified ABS Cup body: Transparent PC

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] bkc1020012a

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