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[aimoha-KIDS-] [Standard] Super cute three-dimensional shark rain boots

[aimoha-KIDS-] [Standard] Super cute three-dimensional shark rain boots

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Cute shark-shaped rain boots.
The lineup ranges from basic colors to stylish color blocks and color patterns that can be a focal point of your coordination!
You can pair, link coordinate, match, or coordinate with your brothers, sisters, friends, and men using different items!

[14(cm)] Height 13.5 Circumference 23
[15(cm)] Height: 13.7 Circumference: 24
[16(cm)] Height: 14 Circumference: 25
[17(cm)] Height: 14.3 Circumference: 26
[18(cm)] Height: 14.3 Circumference: 28
[19(cm)] Height 14.3 Cylinder circumference 30
[20(cm)] Height 14.3 Cylinder circumference 32

[Material] EVA

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] CDS8210a

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