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[DECADE CLASSIC] Patch pocket long chester coat

[DECADE CLASSIC] Patch pocket long chester coat

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An oversized long coat that completely hugs your long body will give you the look of a mature woman. The long silhouette is stylish and gives an elegant impression.
・Tailored collar: The large tailored collar keeps the collar in shape, creating a beautiful silhouette that protects your neck from wind and cold. In addition, the large sleeves are fashionable and cute and can be worn stylishly during the cold season.
・Cutting and details: The cut of the coat is very clean and beautifully accentuates the lines of the body. The coat has a relaxed shoulder line, is comfortable to wear, and has a great attention to detail, giving it a luxurious feel.

・High quality wool: Wool is the main ingredient. Wool is known for its excellent heat retention and durability, making it ideal for the cold autumn and winter seasons. Wool fibers can contain air, allowing them to retain body heat while providing good breathability.
-Mixed material: Made of a blend of wool, silk and rabbit hair. Silk has a smooth texture and beautiful luster, making it very comfortable to wear. Rabbit hair is extremely soft and lightweight, yet has excellent heat retention, providing a luxurious feel and warmth throughout the coat.

Available in two color options: refreshing light green and warm off-white. Both colors are easy to match with a wide range of styles.

※please note※
-Due to outdoor light and lighting conditions, there may be slight differences in the color tone of the actual product and the color tone of the color images.
・Please check the detailed images before placing your order.

*Please note that the country of origin, name tag, material, etc. may differ depending on the production period and color, but there will be no change in quality.

[Size (cm)]

[S(cm)] Width 62.5 Shoulder width 51 Length 107 Sleeve length 43.2 Sleeve width 41 Hem width 113
[M(cm)] Width 64.5 Shoulder width 52 Length 108 Sleeve length 44 Sleeve width 42 Hem width 117

[Material] 70% wool, 10% silk, 20% rabbit hair

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] dszAP2040a

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