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stainless steel cape coat

stainless steel cape coat

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A stainless steel collar coat with a simple design but a relaxed oversized silhouette that makes it stand out.
The length is slightly shorter than mid-length, giving it a leg-lengthening effect.
Not only can you wear it over a shirt or mohair knit, but we also recommend pairing it with the classic high neck or turtleneck for a simple layered look, or this season, layer it over a popular fur vest.
It goes well with the neat style of knit and slacks, as well as casual items such as denim and chino pants.
The size allows you to wear thick knits inside, so it's great for fall and winter.
This is a piece that can be used for a long time throughout the season.

[Size (cm)]

[S] Width 53 Length 68 Yuki 74 Weight 750g
[M] Width 55 Length 69.5 Thickness 75.5 Weight 750g
[L] Width 58.5 Length 70.5 Thickness 77.5 Weight 800g

[Material] 100% polyester%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] FHF1a

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