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Cat scratcher luxury sofa type

Cat scratcher luxury sofa type

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[Cat scratcher & cat sofa]
It's not just a cat scratcher, it's a multifunctional cat product that can also be used as a sofa for cats to rest.
When your cat gets tired, you can always rest on this sofa and sharpen its claws while playing.

[Lack of Exercise/Stress Relief] For cats, a cat scratcher is also a toy and is good for relieving stress.
Scratching allows your cat to remove excess nails, and the polished nails will be flat and less destructive to furniture.
It can relieve stress to a certain extent for both cat and owner.

[Durable cardboard material]
The cat scratcher is made of high-density cardboard material.
Cellular design provides good ventilation and double layer construction for long-lasting use. The cut surface is flat and smooth.
It is highly compressible and does not bend, so there is no need to worry about damaging your cat's claws.

[Size cm] Width 60 Depth 29.5 Height 23.5

[Material] cardboard

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] fycyp403a

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