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Cable box Scandinavian style power tap storage

Cable box Scandinavian style power tap storage

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The surroundings of electrical appliances give the impression of being solid and inorganic, but this cable box is made of wood, so you can feel the warmth of wood.
No matter where you place it, it will not spoil the atmosphere of your interior.
Ideal for bedrooms, tables, offices, etc. Clean up your room's interior with a simple design.
A cable box that prevents babies, small children, and pets such as dogs and cats from accidentally operating cables and power supplies.
This cable box can also be expected to be effective in preventing accidents, as it prevents mischief such as pulling the cable or biting the cord.

[FREE (cm)] Width 37 Depth 12 Height 14

[Material] bamboo + wood

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] hcw1133a

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