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Support goods for maternity stomach support

Support goods for maternity stomach support

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A maternity support belt that is easy to put on and has an adjustable shoulder strap that makes the harness more comfortable.
Three-part lifting design that transfers abdominal weight from the hips to the back and shoulders, providing gentle support for the spine and pelvis.
The breathable, lightweight and stretchy material allows for easy movement and comfort.

【※Please be sure to read it】
When wearing it, make sure to wear it in the correct position so as not to put pressure on your stomach.

[Size (cm)]
[M] Reference: Persons weighing around 55 kg
[L] Reference: Persons weighing around 70 kg
[XL] Reference: Weight: Approximately 90 kg
*Units () indicate the average value of the measurement sample.
*Each item's size and nuance may vary slightly.

[Material] Acrylic 87% Polyurethane 13%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] hnf6978a

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