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[aimoha Men's] Wrinkled loose shirt

[aimoha Men's] Wrinkled loose shirt

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Suitable for a wide range of styles, from casual everyday coordination to business casual occasions. Can be combined with denim, chinos, and slacks. Oversized designs are trending, expanding your fashion range.
■ Recommended size《M》~170cm
*There are individual differences depending on preference and body type.

[M(cm)] Width 54.5 Shoulder width 51.5 Length 71 Sleeve length 55
[L(cm)] Width 56.5 Shoulder width 53 Length 74 Sleeve length 57.5
[XL(cm)] Width 59 Shoulder width 54 Length 76.5 Sleeve length 58
[2XL(cm)] Width 60.5 Shoulder width 55.5 Length 78 Sleeve length 58
[3XL(cm)] Width 62.5 Shoulder width 58 Length 80 Sleeve length 59

[Material] 100% polyester%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] jdj55107a

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