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biscuit cushion

biscuit cushion

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■Stylish cookie-shaped cushion A cookie-shaped cushion that gives off the aroma of freshly baked goods is an interior item that creates a cute style just by placing it on it.

■Three-dimensional 3D design Unlike printed floor cushions, it is made three-dimensionally with stitching.
Want to gift it to a friend who loves biscuits? This is a stylish item.

■Fluffy ♪ The fluffy zabuton is approximately 8 cm thick and can be placed comfortably on the wooden floor or on the tatami mat in a Japanese room.

■As a sofa/chair cushion Large size that can be placed on a living room sofa or dining chair and used as a chair cushion.

■A sweets motif that is sure to look great when taking photos for SNS, featuring babies, children, and pets as photo accessories♪
I came to the land of sweets with character toys and body pillows! Why not try shooting with these settings?

■As a car seat cushion If you place it as a car cushion on the driver's seat, passenger seat, or back seat, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable sitting experience while driving.

[FREE (cm)] 41×40.5

[Material] 100% cotton

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] jqd6300a

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