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Jasmine Grandiflorum

[Jasmine] Bijou high heel pumps [heel 8cm]

[Jasmine] Bijou high heel pumps [heel 8cm]

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High heel pumps with a gorgeous large jewel.
Beautiful pink and silver colors that are typical of an adult woman.

A staple item that becomes a focal point of your outfit just by incorporating it.
It has a smart toe line and a silhouette that shows off your beautiful legs even with a flat sole.

We are also selling low heels in 2 sizes with the same design☆
If 8cm heels are too high, we also have low heels.
It is listed on the Jasmine brand page.
Please take a look.
[Size (cm)]
[22.5] Heel 8.7
[23.0] Heel 8.7
[23.5] Heel 8.7
[24.0] Heel 8.7
[24.5] Heel 8.7
[25.0] Heel 8.7
[25.5] Heel 8.7

[Material] microfiber + rubber

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] jyx828-21a

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