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slit denim jean skirt

slit denim jean skirt

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A jean skirt with just the right length and front design for a clean look.
The slit design on the front makes it easy to walk in, and the tight skirt makes your legs look beautiful for a well-balanced finish.
It adds a touch of femininity, so it's a must-have item for this season that will make you look neat!
Long length for everything from casual to pretty!
You can change the atmosphere depending on the top you match it with.
In early spring, you can pair it with cut-and-sew shirts, turtlenecks, shirts, and blouses.
We also recommend wearing sleeveless cut-and-sews or tank tops in the summer, and layering sweats or hoodies in the early fall.
It can be used in all seasons.

[Size cm]
[S] Total length ~ 123cm Hips 90cm
[M] Total length ~ 125cm Hips 92cm
[L] Total length ~ 127cm Hips 98cm
[XL] Total length ~ 127cm Hips 100cm
*The total length of products whose length can be adjusted with an adjuster is adjusted to the maximum length and measured at the maximum value.
*Size is our store's actual size when placed flat. It may differ from the tag description.
*Each item's size and nuance may vary slightly.

[Material] 84.3% cotton, 3.5% polyester, 12.2% rayon

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] ljmE183622a

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