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Large capacity cosmetic storage case

Large capacity cosmetic storage case

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Large capacity storage makeup box!
The deep storage allows you to store tall cosmetics neatly.
Comes with a handle for easy carrying☆

[Simple and excellent storage capacity]
A compact makeup box that can store a complete set of cosmetics.
The storage space allows you to store cosmetics, small items, and accessories of various sizes all at once.
You can neatly store cosmetics such as lotion, emulsion, base, foundation, loose powder, blush, brushes, lipstick, nail products, and everyday cosmetics.

[Translucent accessory stand]
It's transparent so you can see where your earrings are at a glance! The slide design makes it easy to put in and take out, making it easy to understand and reducing the time you spend thinking before going out. When it gets dirty, just wipe it with a wet towel and your jewelry box will be clean.

[With mirror]
The box has a mirror, so you can apply makeup anywhere. Active as a hairdresser, hair makeup, and cosplay! Opening the lid opens the tray, making it easy to select and store makeup products and is highly functional.

[Waterproof and dustproof]
The clear storage space is dust-proof and waterproof. You can always keep your cosmetics clean. In addition, this makeup case is convenient and clean as it can be easily washed with water if the outside or inside of the case gets dirty.

[Also for gifts]
The appearance and design are cute and stylish, and it is also practical, so it is recommended as a gift for birthdays, Mother's Day, school entrance gifts, graduation gifts, new jobs, etc.

[Size (cm)] Width 35.7 Depth 19 Height 30

[Material] ABS+HIPS

[Country of origin] CHINA

[Product number] lxr8857a

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