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[aimoha-KIDS-] Korean children's clothing plain mountain jacket

[aimoha-KIDS-] Korean children's clothing plain mountain jacket

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A mountain jacket with a design with big pockets on the front as an accent.
The simple design makes it easy to match with any item, and can be used for many seasons.
You can pair, link coordinate, match, or coordinate with your siblings or friends by using different items!
[Size (cm)]
[90(cm)] Width 46.5 Shoulder width 39 Length 42 Sleeve length 28 Weight 200g
[100(cm)] Width 49 Shoulder width 41 Length 44.5 Sleeve length 31.5 Weight 200g
[110(cm)] Width 50 Shoulder width 42 Length 47.5 Sleeve length 32 Weight 250g
[120(cm)] Width 51.5 Shoulder width 44.5 Length 51 Sleeve length 35.5 Weight 250g
[130(cm)] Width 53.5 Shoulder width 46.5 Length 53 Sleeve length 37.5 Weight 300g
[140(cm)] Width 55 Shoulder width 47.5 Length 55 Sleeve length 40 Weight 300g
[150(cm)] Width 57 Shoulder width 49 Length 58 Sleeve length 43.5 Weight 300g

[Material] 100% polyester%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] MEGY098a

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