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Large capacity hand-knitted tote bag

Large capacity hand-knitted tote bag

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A basket bag that can be used for both feminine and casual occasions.

Large capacity for long wallets, pouches, 500ml bottles, iPods, etc.

*As these items are handmade, each item may vary in texture, color, etc.

*There may be slight differences in steps, size, and shape at the end of the knitting of the main body.
*Please refrain from pairing with light-colored clothing as the color is likely to fade due to friction or moisture (rain, sweat, etc.).
* There may be a smell peculiar to the material.
*If you are concerned about the smell, please dry it in the shade before use.

[FREE (cm)] Width 33 Height 24.5 Depth 12 Handle 58.5 Weight 250g

[Material] acrylic + polyester

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] mnxYR5515a

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