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High waist stretch skinny leggings pants

High waist stretch skinny leggings pants

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Introducing the popular skinny leggings pants with slits!

75% elasticity makes it easy to sit and stand.

In addition, with a recovery rate of 90.6%, it recovers quickly after stretching, so it fits tightly and maintains beautiful legs.

Fabric: Moderately thick fabric with stretch

Stretchability: Yes ★★★ (Stretchability 75%, recovery rate 90.6% Kaken Test Center General Incorporated Foundation 2017.12.12)

Transparency: Not see-through (only white is slightly see-through)

Lining: None

[Size cm]
[S(cm)] Waist 57 Hips 78 Total length 101 Thigh width 22 Rise 25.5 Hem width 12
[M(cm)] Waist 61 Hips 82 Total length 103 Thigh width 24 Rise 27 Hem width 12.5
[L(cm)] Waist 64 Hips 86 Total length 105 Thigh width 26 Rise 27 Hem width 13
[XL (cm)] Waist 68 Hips 90 Total length 106 Thigh width 28 Rise 28.5 Hem width 14
[2XL (cm)] Waist 71 Hips 94 Total length 108 Thigh width 30 Rise 28.5 Hem width 15

[Material] 70% Rayon, 25% Nylon, 5% Polyurethane

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] mohaNEW2105a

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