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Back lace-up semi-flare denim

Back lace-up semi-flare denim

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Semi-flare denim with lace-up at the back!
When you tuck in your top, the ribbon at the back becomes a cute focal point!
The hem has a casual distressed fringe finish, making it the main item on its own, so just pairing it with a casual T-shirt will complete the look.
There is a slit in the front hem, making it easy to match with boots or trendy large sneakers.

[Size cm]
[S(cm)] Waist 67 Hips 88 Pants length 103 Rise 30 Inseam 73.5 Thigh width 54 Hem width 51
[M(cm)] Waist 69 Hips 92 Pants length 104 Rise 30 Inseam 74 Thigh width 56 Hem width 51
[L(cm)] Waist 71 Hips 95 Pants length 105 Rise 30.5 Inseam 75.5 Thigh width 58 Hem width 51
[XL (cm)] Waist 77 Hips 96 Pants length 106 Rise 31 Inseam 75.5 Thigh width 58 Hem width 51

[Material] 100% cotton

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] mohawA004a

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