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[aimoha-KIDS-] Korean children's clothing tote pattern long skirt

[aimoha-KIDS-] Korean children's clothing tote pattern long skirt

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The fabric material is flexible, breathable, comfortable and has a natural volume, making it easy to match.
The gathered design on the skirt gives it a perfect elegance. Vibrant and cute It will be lively and cute.
This skirt combines cuteness and elegance.
With colorful tops and jackets, you can enjoy the fall and winter comfortably.
This is a very attractive piece that is sure to be a hit this season. The fabric is just right, making it perfect for the upcoming season.
Sisters and friends can pair, link coordinate, match, or coordinate with different items!

[90(cm)] Waist 36 Hips 68 Skirt length 44
[100(cm)] Waist 41 Hips 72 Skirt length 46.5
[110(cm)] Waist 44 Hips 76 Skirt length 51
[120(cm)] Waist 46 Hips 80 Skirt length 53
[130(cm)] Waist 47 Hips 82 Skirt length 57
[140(cm)] Waist 49 Hips 88 Skirt length 59.5
[150(cm)] Waist 50 Hips 90 Skirt length 61.5

[Material] 90% cotton 10% polyester

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] mxm2023Q11a

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