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Simple design multi-wall storage

Simple design multi-wall storage

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It is characterized by its simple design without waste.
The color is made of clear transparent material, so you can clearly display colored accessories, cosmetics, snacks, etc.
In addition, the multi-wall storage type accessory case allows you to use space effectively, and has the advantage of saving space by attaching it to the wall.
Inside, there are plenty of pockets and dividers to organize your accessories. It can store a variety of items such as rings, bracelets, cosmetics, and snacks, allowing you to organize small parts securely.
Pockets and dividers made of transparent materials allow you to clearly see the color and shape of your accessories, making them easier to access.
The transparent multi-wall storage type with a simple design looks stylish, is easy to use, and is a necessary item for multi-storage.

[FREE (cm)] Width 14 Depth 17 Height 26

[Material] pet

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] myz1458a

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