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Korean style simple maternity leggings

Korean style simple maternity leggings

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Simple and stylish maternity leggings that can be used in all seasons and are gentle on pregnant women.
It is stretchy and comfortable to wear, and can be used for a long time from the maternity period (before giving birth) to the breastfeeding period (after giving birth).
Since it is made of stretch material, it firmly holds not only your stomach but also your ankles, making it extremely comfortable to wear.
The gentle fit makes it perfect for relaxing.
Because it is simple, it goes well with dresses, cardigans, jackets, hoodies, coats, and sweaters.
Available in a wide range of colors and 5 sizes.
Please choose your favorite color according to your occasion. The stretchy material allows you to comfortably go about your daily life.
It can be worn for a long period before and after childbirth, so it is economical as there is no need to replace it. Please use it for hospital preparation and childbirth preparation.


M Waist 77 Hip 76 Rise 34.5 Inseam 65 Thigh 42 Hem 19

L Waist 86 Hips 83 Rise 340.5 Inseam 66.5 Thigh circumference 46 Hem circumference 21

XL Waist 88 Hips 90 Rise 36.5 Inseam 68.5 Thigh 49 Hem 22

[Material] 95% cotton 5% polyester

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] ppf1016a

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