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[aimoha-KIDS-] Cute big pocket tops

[aimoha-KIDS-] Cute big pocket tops

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Super cute front big pocket tops.
The simple design makes it perfect for daily use.
The off-the-shoulder design provides a relaxed fit that does not restrict movement.
You can pair, link coordinate, match, or coordinate with your siblings or friends by using different items!
[Size (cm)]
[80(cm)] Width 39 Shoulder width 36 Length 35 Sleeve length 27
[90(cm)] Width 41 Shoulder width 37 Length 39 Sleeve length 29
[100(cm)] Width 44 Shoulder width 39.5 Length 41 Sleeve length 32.5
[110(cm)] Width 45 Shoulder width 40 Length 44 Sleeve length 35
[120(cm)] Width 45.5 Shoulder width 41 Length 47 Sleeve length 37.5
[130(cm)] Width 47 Shoulder width 41.5 Length 49 Sleeve length 40

[Material] 95% cotton, 5% polyester

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] SHJ122108a

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