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[aimoha-KIDS-] Korean children's clothing American work denim overalls

[aimoha-KIDS-] Korean children's clothing American work denim overalls

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The pocket design is very stylish.
Denim overalls are items that can be worn in any season.
It is an item that can be worn all season by changing the innerwear for each season and pairing it with long sleeves, short sleeves, and a high neck.

[Size (cm)]
[80] Total length 55.5 (not including string) Hip 75 Thigh 45 Hem 35
[90] Total length 56 (not including strings) Hip 76 Thigh circumference 45 Hem circumference 35
[100] Total length 66 (not including strings) Hip 80 Thigh 48 Hem 37
[110] Total length 72.5 (not including strings) Hip 82 Thigh 50 Hem 37
[120] Total length 78 (not including string) Hip 90 Thigh 52 Hem 37
[130] Total length 85 (not including strings) Hip 92 Thigh 54 Hem 37
*Units () indicate the average value of the measurement sample.
*Each item's size and nuance may vary slightly.

[Material] 100% cotton

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] SHJ123013a

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