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Jasmine Grandiflorum

[Jasmine] Simple plain V-neck short sleeve knit tops

[Jasmine] Simple plain V-neck short sleeve knit tops

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A sexy knit top with a tight silhouette.

The V-neck makes your face look neat.
It also has an outstanding effect of making you look delicate.

It expresses the feminine curves unique to knitwear.

Pair it with pumps or sandals on your feet.
I think I'll feel better.

Perfect for a different date, resort, vacation day or wedding.
These tops will bring out your wonderful charm.

[Size (cm)]
[S(cm)] Width 32 Shoulder width 22.5 Length 53.5 Sleeve length 18
[M(cm)] Width 35.5 Shoulder width 29.5 Length 54.5 Sleeve length 18
[L(cm)] Width 36 Shoulder width 29.5 Length 55 Sleeve length 18

[Material] 100% acrylic%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] slfV518a

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