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[S'more /Smore bucket20] Bucket folding 20L

[S'more /Smore bucket20] Bucket folding 20L

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《Convenient folding bucket/ Great for picnics, camping, and cleaning》
[S'more /Smore bucket20] Folding Bucket 20L Portable Folding Bucket Large Capacity Picnic Waterproof Storage Compact Camping Fishing Outdoor Sports Stylish Cute [Convenient Folding Bucket]

Lightweight, freestanding collapsible bucket
A convenient item that can be used to store water to cool drinks on picnics or outdoors.
The thick waterproof and moisture-proof material on the outside is wear-resistant and long-lasting.
It is lightweight, stands on its own even when filled with water, does not deteriorate easily no matter how many times it is folded, and can also be used as a storage bag.

[Product name] Store bucket20
[Size (cm)] Approx. 31 x 29 cm
[Weight capacity] Approx. 20kg
[Material] Rubber PVC
[Country of origin] CHINA

Product number SMObba20


[Country of origin]

[Product number] SMObba20whi

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