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[S'more / OKURUMI BAG PRO] Swaddle Bag Pro Sleeping Bag

[S'more / OKURUMI BAG PRO] Swaddle Bag Pro Sleeping Bag

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《Washable warm sleeping bag/swaddle bag pro》
[S'more / OKURUMI BAG PRO] Sleeping bag, compact, warm, washable, sleeping bag, down, envelope type, outdoor, stylish, mountain climbing, camping, touring, disaster, carrying, storage bag included, 90% down, 10% feather [Comfortable temperature -2℃, limit temperature -27℃]

[Down sleeping bag that allows you to extend your arms and legs]
You can take your hands out of the pocket by lowering the zipper at the top of the side. You can use your smartphone or read books while sleeping without exposing your upper body.

[90% down, 10% feather]
The filling is 90% down and 10% feather, and the outside is made of nylon.It is an envelope-shaped sleeping bag with 628 fill power that is gentle on the skin and warm, and has excellent moisture absorption, breathability, and water repellency. We used a three-dimensional quilt that prevents heat from escaping. Furthermore, the high-density feathers do not generate dust easily, making this sleeping bag feel fluffy.

[Outer material is water-repellent nylon fabric]
The nylon outer fabric has been treated to be water repellent, which prevents the down from getting wet due to condensation. You can stay comfortable even on cold nights. *Not completely waterproof.

[Can be used in conjunction]
If you have two sleeping bags, you can connect them with a zipper. When the zipper is fully opened, it can also be used as a blanket or a blanket.

[Machine washable]
It can be washed completely using a down detergent and a laundry net.

[Comes with a mesh bag for long-term storage]
For temporary or long-term storage, we recommend mesh bags with good ventilation. When carrying the device, please use the outer storage cover to prevent scratches and dirt from getting on the device.

[Product name] OKURUMI BAG PRO
[Material] Filling (800g): 90% duck down, 10% feather Outer material: Nylon [Fill power] 628FP

When in use: Length approx. 210cm Width approx. 80cm
When stored: Width approx. 29cm Width approx. 19cm Height approx. 19cm

[Country of manufacture] China
[Included items] Main unit, mesh bag

Product number SMOFTSJ001a

Regarding the supported minimum temperature and comfortable operating temperature:
[OKURUMI BAG PRO heat retention test results]

Average insulation value (col): 7.15

Comfortable temperature: -2℃
If you use it within this temperature range, you can sleep comfortably and warmly.

Lower temperature limit: -8℃
This is the temperature range in which a typical adult male can sleep for 8 hours.

Limit temperature: -27℃
Basically, we do not recommend using it at this temperature, but it can be used depending on your ingenuity.

About ISO23537 (ISO international standard)
In order to facilitate international transactions, this is an international standard that states that the same quality and level of products and services can be provided all over the world, and is established and revised in countries including Japan. The award is determined by votes from 165 participating countries (as of 2014).


[Country of origin]

[Product number] SMOFTSJ001a

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