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[S'more One touch storage wagon] A wagon that can transport large items at once

[S'more One touch storage wagon] A wagon that can transport large items at once

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Large capacity 150L! Even if you have a lot of luggage such as family members, you can move smoothly!
Width 10cm! large tires
The tire width is 10cm, about twice that of a normal carry wagon, so it can be used even on rough roads! The tires are designed to have a wide width of 10 cm, so they will grip the ground firmly even on gravel roads such as riverbeds and beaches.

Load capacity is 80kg while running, and can carry up to 100kg when stationary!
Large capacity 150L! Even a family with a lot of luggage can move smoothly.

Comes with a cover for the wagon
This cover has a pocket that can also store a stable and dirt-prevention plate placed under the inside of the wagon.

One-touch storage by pulling up the string attached to the center!
You can store it by simply pulling up the string attached to the center, so you don't have to worry about storing it.

Dirty covers can be washed completely!
The cover of the wagon can be easily removed, so you can wash any dirt by hand.

[Size] When used: 95cm x 50cm x 35cm/100
When stored: 35cm x 26cm x 77cm
[Weight] 9kg
[Load capacity] While stationary: 100kg
Running: 80kg
[Accessories] Main unit
storage bag
stabilizer plate

[Material] Iron, 600D Oxford

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] SMOFTTY006aTOPbeg

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