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[S'more / Aluminum Waffle Mat] Camping mat folding

[S'more / Aluminum Waffle Mat] Camping mat folding

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A highly insulated and highly functional outdoor mat with cushioning and foldable design for compact storage. By using the front and back sides differently depending on the season and location, you can stay comfortable all year round.

■"IXPE" material with outstanding cushioning properties
Highly insulated and highly functional with single-sided aluminum processing. When you want to block the cold air from the ground, the aluminum surface reflects your body heat, trapping heat and keeping you warm. When you want to block the heat from the ground, use it with the aluminum side facing down to block the heat from the ground and keep you comfortable.

■Lightweight and compact when folded
Foldable and compact storage. Easy to carry! The mat is very lightweight at 460g. Comes with a band and storage mesh bag for easy and convenient storage.

[Product name] Aluminum Waffle Mat
[Material] Aluminum, IXPE
[Size] Expansion: 186*56*thickness 2cm Storage: 56*13.5*12cm
[Weight] Approx. 460g
[Country of origin] CHINA

Product number SMOFTyn001a


[Country of origin]

[Product number] SMOFTyn001a

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