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[YAKOU300] A headlight that illuminates the road even in the dark!

[YAKOU300] A headlight that illuminates the road even in the dark!

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Adopts capsule method technology

Adopting capsule method technology, it has significantly improved cold resistance and can be used in environments down to -15℃. It is also treated with ABS resin protection to extend its service life. The LED light uses American CREE LED, so it is bright enough to illuminate the road even in the dark!

IPX5 waterproof

By using a double-layer thick seal ring that increases waterproof performance, it can withstand rain, rivers, and water depths of 1.5m to 30m for about 30 minutes.

6 types of light modes

You can switch to 6 different light modes depending on the situation, from 0° to 60°, such as when you want to concentrate the light on a certain area or when you want to illuminate the whole area. About sensor mode Press the center button twice to turn on the sensor mode. *After more than 3 seconds, press the sensor button to turn off the switch.

Light mode introduction

Medium brightness (light gathering)

High brightness at startup (light condensation)

2nd time High brightness (condensed light + diffused light)

3rd time High brightness (diffuse)

4th power off

6th low brightness (diffuse)

5th sensor mode

removable band

The band is removable, so sweat and other dirt can be removed by hand washing.

Equipped with hand sensor

You can turn the power on and off just by waving your hand! It can also be used when you cannot press the power button, such as when your hands are dirty. The reaction distance from your hand to the headlight is up to 15cm.

Product planning

[Product name] YAKOU300
[Material] ABS, TPE
[Size] 60mm x 35mm x 44mm
[Waterproof standard] IPX8
[Luminous flux] 10-300 lumens
[Irradiation distance] 7-72m
[Included items] Main unit x 1, AAA battery x 3
[Country of manufacture] China

Product number: SMOheadighta300


[Country of origin]

[Product number] SMOheadighta30

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