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[Japanese pattern assembled bonfire stand S size] Assembled bonfire stand

[Japanese pattern assembled bonfire stand S size] Assembled bonfire stand

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[Compact and versatile, Japanese pattern bonfire stand that can be enjoyed over and over again with combinations]
A bonfire stand with a traditional linen pattern design that allows you to change the shape by combining the plates. It is compact from assembly to storage, and is designed to make your bonfire more enjoyable. It can be used in a wide range of situations, from solo camping to group camping.

[The model changes depending on the number of plate combinations]
A major feature of this bonfire stand is that you can change the size and shape depending on the combination of plates. We aim to create products that will tickle your playful spirit and allow you to thoroughly enjoy everything from assembly to making a bonfire.

[Traditional hemp leaf pattern that blends in with nature]
Traditional hemp leaf pattern design is featured throughout. The beautiful Japanese pattern will make your camping bonfire more beautiful. In addition, by increasing the number of patterned parts, the design takes into consideration the weight of the bonfire stand itself and its breathability (ease of flammability). This bonfire stand is made with an emphasis on balance in design, functionality and ease of use as a bonfire stand.

[Easy to assemble storage! ]
To assemble, simply hook the plate onto the hook and fit it in! When storing, you can remove the plate and store it compactly. Tools tend to take up space when you carry them around, but this product is smart and doesn't take up much space, which is nice! *When assembling or disassembling, please wear work gloves or gloves to avoid getting your hands or fingers caught in order to prevent injury.

[Logo-engraved hook to secure the bonfire stand]
A hook that secures a removable fire pit with the S'more logo carved into it.

[ Trivet plate that can be used for simple cooking]
The included trivet plate allows you to enjoy small barbecues and plate dishes using a bonfire or charcoal as a heat source. Just hang it up and use it, so it's easy to disassemble and clean. (It is also possible to use 4 or 5 sheets.)

[Base plate that is easy to clean after use]
This base plate prevents charcoal and ash from falling and scattering on the ground. Since the ash and charcoal fall and accumulate here, it is easy to dispose of the ash and charcoal after use. (It is possible to use either 4 or 5 sheets)

[Charcoal board that makes firewood and charcoal burn more easily]
A charcoal board that increases the combustion efficiency of firewood, etc. It is designed with many air passages, making it more flammable.

[Comes with a storage bag for convenient carrying and storage]
Comes with a storage bag to neatly store all parts. Even small parts and other items that are easy to lose outside can be cleaned up by simply putting them together after disassembly! Comes with a mesh pocket, so it's convenient to carry tools, gloves, etc.

Product name: Japanese pattern assembly bonfire stand S size
Material: stainless steel
[Bonfire stand plate (per piece)] (approx.) 280 x 180 x 12 mm
[Charcoal board] (approx.) 100 x 100mm
[Gotoku (S)] (approx.) 345 x 100 x 15 mm
[clasp hook] (approx.) 42 x 20mm
[Base plate] (approx.) 245 x 245 x 10mm
[Storage bag (S)] (approx.) 400 x 290 x 30 mm
Storage size: (approx.) 245 x 245 x 100mm
Weight: (approx.) 2.08kg
Manufacture: China
Included items: Bonfire stand plate (S) x 5, charcoal plate x 1, trivet (S) x 1, fastening hook x 1, base plate (S) x 1, storage bag x 1

Product number: SMOkumitatetakibiaSsr


[Country of origin]

[Product number] SMOkumitatetakibiaSsr

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