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[S'more / Hetchara Work Gloves] Fireproof gloves

[S'more / Hetchara Work Gloves] Fireproof gloves

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《With silicone on the inside of the hand, the back and both sides / For bonfires and BBQs》
[S'more / Hetchara Work Gloves] Fireproof gloves reversible

[Up to 500℃ heat resistant gloves]
Heat resistant up to 500℃, allowing you to safely add firewood to your campfire.

It also protects your hands from tree thorns.

*Heat resistance time varies depending on the usage environment.

Comes with anti-slip silicone. It is attached to both the back and inside of the hand.
It has a stylish design inspired by the S'more logo.

[Size (cm)] 33cm
[Weight] 260g

[Material] Cotton, silicone, DEYAN material

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] SMOlcGR001a

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