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[TOMOSHIBI] Retro classic LED lantern

[TOMOSHIBI] Retro classic LED lantern

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retro classic design

Although it is an LED, it has a brightness of 1800K, the same color temperature as a candle flame. It gently illuminates the surrounding area as if you were lighting a candle. Even though it's an LED, it has an analog texture that feels like it's slowly increasing and decreasing the firepower!

Can be switched between two light colors

You can switch between orange light and white light, and the brightness can also be adjusted. Two colors and brightness illuminate various environments!

Method of operation!

Turn the power switch clockwise and the orange light will turn on. You can adjust the brightness by continuing to rotate it. When the orange light reaches its limit, it switches to white light, and you can adjust the brightness by continuing to rotate it.

large capacity battery

Lighting time is 11.5 hours to 366 hours! When fully charged, the lowest light can be used for 366 hours, and the strongest light can be used for 11.5 hours. The main unit is also lightweight at 395g, so even children and women can easily carry it with one hand.

Manufactured with environmentally friendly materials

This lantern is environmentally friendly and manufactured using mainly recycled parts.

LED light : aluminum rod CNC processing + hard oxidation

Lampshade : Car headlight shade recycled material PC

Battery : outdoor gas cartridge waste

Power switch : ABS chrome plating treatment

Bottom : Bottle cap recycled material PP

Size: 113mm x 113mm x 245mm
Weight: 395g
Capacity: 5200mAh
Duration: 11.5-366 hours
Charging time: 7 hours
Brightness: 2.5-180 lumens
Color temperature: 1800-2100K (LED1)/1900-3200K (LED2)
Included items: Main unit x 1, charging cable x 1
Storage size: 245mm*113mm

[Material] Iron, aluminum, ABS, PC

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] SMOlumierea

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