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[S'more / Woodi plate] Woodi plate wooden tableware plate

[S'more / Woodi plate] Woodi plate wooden tableware plate

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《Dish plate with beautiful grain made from Soshiju wood》

Warm design unique to wood
Tableware made from warm wooden materials that make the ingredients look delicious in any dish. You can use it anywhere, such as camping or at home, and it will brighten up your dining table.

Strong durability and not easy to break, so you can use it with confidence
Wooden tableware is durable and doesn't break easily even if dropped. Even small children can use it with confidence.

Material: Soushiju
Country of origin: CHINA

Product number: SMOmd001a

Size (cm)
S 16×13
L 26×21
XL 30×20
N 30×12

[Material] Sausage

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] SMOmd001a

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