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[S'more / Titanium Chimni] Stove

[S'more / Titanium Chimni] Stove

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Titanium, which is as sturdy as stainless steel, is characterized by its high strength.
Since it has a high melting point, it is difficult to deform even after high-temperature heating.
(*Color may vary due to the unique properties of titanium.)
It comes with a convenient opening for adding charcoal, making it easier to manage the fire.
When storing, they can be stacked and put together, making them less bulky and compact. Comes with a special case.

[Product name] Titanium Chimni
[Size] (approx.) 192mm When stored: (approx.) 95mm
[Weight] (approx.) 145g
[Load capacity] (approx.) 2kg
[Material] Titanium
[Country of origin] MADE IN CHINA (China)
[Product number] SMOrsUT001Ca


[Country of origin]

[Product number] SMOrsUT001Ca

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