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[S'more / Titanium Cutlery Set] Titanium Cutlery Set Cutlery 4 Piece Set

[S'more / Titanium Cutlery Set] Titanium Cutlery Set Cutlery 4 Piece Set

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Light as aluminum, strong as stainless steel, titanium is the strongest of all metals, lightweight and functional, and its multi-functional, original design is sure to appeal to campers. Surprisingly light as it is made thin! It has specifications that can be applied to both everyday and outdoor use.

titanium products

This product uses titanium, a material that is lightweight, durable, and resistant to rust and heat. It is a safe metal with high hardness, absolutely no rust, excellent corrosion resistance/heat resistance, and no metallic odor and is full of charm.

Stable even in harsh environments

Titanium has a high melting point, so it won't deform easily even after cooking at high temperatures. Titanium's strength increases as the temperature decreases, and it doesn't feel cold in low-temperature environments, resisting the coldness of regular metals, making it a good choice for people who like winter camping.

Easy to use anywhere

The back of the storage bag has mesh ventilation, making it convenient to leave the cutlery in the storage bag after washing and drying it naturally. With its compact storage size, this is a highly portable tool set for solo camping, touring camping, mountain climbing while staying in a tent, and for picnics and lunch boxes.


Titanium knife: L185mm, titanium fork: L160mm, titanium spoon: L166mm, titanium chopsticks: L200mm, a classic four-piece set that can meet all your needs when eating. Add a carabiner and apply for both daily and outdoor use.

Super lightweight and durable

Product number: SMOrsUT001CSa


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[Product number] SMOrsUT001CSa

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