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[S'more / Titanium FD Spoon] Titanium FD Spoon Titanium Spoon

[S'more / Titanium FD Spoon] Titanium FD Spoon Titanium Spoon

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《Folding titanium spoon/outdoor camping》
[S'more /Titanium FD Spoon] Camping Cutlery Spoon Titanium Outdoor Stylish Folding Compact Camping Cutlery Picnic BBQ Portable Tableware Folding Spoon

A folding spoon made of lightweight and durable titanium . A foldable spoon with a total length of approximately 150 mm.
It can be stored compactly by folding.
Titanium is characterized by its high strength.
It also does not have a metallic odor, so it will not affect the flavor of your food or drink.

Product name: Titanium FD Spoon
Material: Titanium Size: Total length approximately 150mm
Manufacturing: made in China

Product number: SMOrsUT001FDSa


[Country of origin]

[Product number] SMOrsUT001FDSa

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