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[S'more / Titanium Mug with Lid] Titanium Mug with Lid

[S'more / Titanium Mug with Lid] Titanium Mug with Lid

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Features of titanium products
Light like aluminum, strong like stainless steel, titanium is the strongest of all metals. It is lightweight and functional, and has low thermal conductivity, so even if you pour a hot drink, the area around the spout will not get hot, so you can enjoy hot drinks with peace of mind. Another major feature of titanium is that it does not have a metallic odor, so it does not affect the flavor of foods and drinks.

Ultra lightweight titanium
Capacity: 550ml, cup size: approx. Φ95mm*85mm, ultra lightweight processing.
Since it is made thin, the total weight of the mug is 92g, which is surprisingly light!
A titanium mug that can be used both as an outdoor mug and as a heat-resistant container.

FDA certified titanium products
Titanium does not contain heavy metals, is non-toxic, has antibacterial properties, and has excellent corrosion resistance and is resistant to rust.
It is made from materials that are friendly to the human body and the environment.

Comes with a convenient lid
Not only does it keep your drink warm, but it also prevents insects and dust from entering the cup.
You can use it safely even outdoors.

Can store 4 types of cups compactly. You can keep your belongings to a minimum when going solo camping or mountain climbing.

Ergonomic design
The foldable "D-shaped handle" allows you to fold the handle part for more compact storage.

Highly versatile
The storage bag is made of mesh and has excellent breathability, so after washing the cup, you can put it inside the storage bag and dry it naturally.
It is highly portable for picnics and everyday use, such as solo camping, touring camping, and mountain climbing while staying in a tent.

Size: Approximately Φ80mm*75mm 60g
Included items: Cup body Net case

Size: Approximately Φ95mm*85mm 92g
Included items: Cup body Net case

Manufacture: made in China
Material: Titanium
Product number: SMOrsUT001MWLa


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[Product number] SMOrsUT001MWLa

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