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[S'more /Fire protection sheet] Fire protection sheet

[S'more /Fire protection sheet] Fire protection sheet

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Made of thick glass fiber

This sputter sheet has a working temperature of 800 degrees and an instantaneous use temperature of 1500 degrees. Made of hotter fiberglass, it has even greater fire resistance and heat resistance than ordinary glass fiber! Simply spread it out on the ground and it can be used in a variety of situations, such as campgrounds where open fires are prohibited, solo camping, bonfires, and BBQs.

Comes with 4 copper eyelets

The bonfire sheet protects the ground and lawn by blocking the heat source from the underside of the bonfire or wood-burning stove, as well as the flying sparks. Very easy to use: Pass the pegs through the four holes of the bonfire stand sheet, secure it to the ground, and you're done!

Product type: Outdoor goods Color: Beige Size: FREE
material : Glass fiber producing country: CHINA
Product number: smoTB0011a


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[Product number] smoTB0011a

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