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[aimoha Men's] Striped silhouette cool short sleeve knit polo shirt

[aimoha Men's] Striped silhouette cool short sleeve knit polo shirt

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It is popular among men and women of all ages, with its body-fitting silhouette and ribbed features.
A short-sleeved knit shirt with a collar, based on the design of a polo shirt.
The point is that it is stretchy and comfortable to wear.

A ribbed short-sleeve knit polo shirt gives a relatively casual look, but depending on how you style it, it can be worn in a variety of situations, including business casual. You can enjoy a variety of styles.

Available in 3 colors: white, black, and green, and 3 sizes: M, L, and XL.
The material is a blended material that is soft, durable, and highly breathable.
Enjoy comfort with an elegant silhouette!

[Size cm]
[M] Width 38.5 Shoulder width 34.5 Length 62.5 Sleeve length 24
[L] Width 42.5 Shoulder width 35.5 Length 65 Sleeve length 24
[XL] Width 43 Shoulder width 36 Length 66 Sleeve length 25
*Units () indicate the average value of the measurement sample.
*Each item's size and nuance may vary slightly.

[Material] Rayon 66.2% Polyester 33.8%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] sms2217a

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