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Dust box with cute silhouette

Dust box with cute silhouette

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The natural design that combines white and wood patterns is stylish.
Another great feature is that it has a lid, so you can't see the trash inside.

It is a highly functional item that can be easily opened and closed with one touch.

* Material: Made of environmentally friendly and sturdy plastic, easy to clean.

Wear-resistant and damage-resistant, durable.
* Fashionable trash can: The trash can is designed with exquisite and beautiful lines, which can be perfectly integrated with your home environment. You can use the fixing ring to fix the garbage bag and the garbage bag will not be exposed.
Perfect for white-based rooms or rooms with a lot of rattan and wood furniture.

By unifying the color of the trash cans, you can instantly bring cohesion to the entire room.
* Wide range of uses: Suitable for various scenes, such as washroom, bathroom, living room, office, toilet, living room, etc.

[Size (cm)]
[FREE (cm)] Width 29.7 Depth 29.7 Height 33.5

[Material] plastic

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] syjTG3700a

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