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[DECADE CLASSIC] Hooded wool coat

[DECADE CLASSIC] Hooded wool coat

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Made of wool, it has excellent heat retention and will keep you warm for a long time even in the cold winter. It has two large pockets on the side and has a very cute design.

There are two color options: a clean off-white and a chic gray. Both colors are easy to match with a wide range of fashion styles.

- Casual everyday look: The off-white wool coat is perfect for a casual everyday look, paired with jeans and sneakers. You can enjoy warmth and cuteness at the same time.
-Office style: Incorporate a gray wool coat into your office style for a professional look. Pair it with a skirt or boots for an elegant business look.
Outdoor Activities: Both color options are perfect for outdoor activities. It will give you warmth and cuteness when you go out for walking, shopping, etc.
- Dates and Events: Wool coats are also suitable for dates and special events. Pair it with a dressy dress for a glamorous look.

Use these suggestions to style a long off-white and gray wool coat that will appeal to a variety of occasions. The cute design and high quality wool will bring you the fun of fashion.

※please note※
-Due to outdoor light and lighting conditions, there may be slight differences in the color tone of the actual product and the color tone of the color images.
・Please check the detailed images before placing your order.

*Please note that the country of origin, name tag, material, etc. may differ depending on the production period and color, but there will be no change in quality.

[Size (cm)]

[S(cm)] Width 54 Shoulder width 47 Length 103 Sleeve length 54
[M(cm)] Width 56 Shoulder width 48 Length 104.5 Sleeve length 55

[Material] 69% wool, 22.6% polyester, 8.4% lyocell

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] txc8015a

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