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[HOOK] Unique heart knit

[HOOK] Unique heart knit

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A unique knit with entwined threads.
By giving room to the width of the body and sleeves, it creates a rounded silhouette, while
It has an exquisite silhouette with a moderately relaxed feel that is easy to match as an inner layer.
It has just the right thickness and is smooth and gentle to wear, so it can be used for many seasons from fall to winter to early spring.
It is a unisex item that can be worn by both men and women, so it is a recommended item that you can use for yourself or as a gift.

Regarding coordination, this season's trendy items such as down jackets, coach jackets, and boa fleece are perfect for outerwear.
Pair it with skinny pants, line pants, and sneakers to complete the latest sports and street mix coordination.
A beautiful and stylish look that goes well with checks, wide pants, and leather shoes is also popular.
We also recommend pairing it with denim or chino pants for a casual down look, or pairing it with sweatpants for a relaxed style.
It goes great with accessories such as sacoches, body bags, tote bags, and caps.
This is a unisex model that can be worn by both men and women, and is recommended for couples at events and festivals, or as a pair for friends.
[Size (cm)]
[M] Width 58 Shoulder width 53 Length 63 Sleeve length 51
[L] Width 58.5 Shoulder width 54.5 Length 65 Sleeve length 51
[XL] Width 61 Shoulder width 55 Length 66.5 Sleeve length 53.5

[Material] 100% acrylic%

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] XQC9016a

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