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hanging storage pocket

hanging storage pocket

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[Convenient hanging storage item]

■Plain wall pockets are great for display storage and won't get in the way of your interior.
A stylish storage item that fits in any room.

■There is plenty of storage gusset in the pocket, so there is plenty of hanging storage space.
It has a slim appearance and can be hung neatly.

■Hanging storage takes up less space and has excellent storage capacity compared to free-standing storage.
The pockets are slanted, making it easy to put them in and take them out.

■A storage hanger that can be used to organize cosmetics and makeup tools instead of a dresser.
Just hang it next to the mirror and use it as a space-saving vanity.

■ Organize and store small items Accessories, craft parts, toys, etc. can be stored separately so they are easy to take out and look beautiful.
Recommended as a space-saving spice rack or cooking utensil holder in the kitchen, or as a letter rack for storing small items such as keys and stamps in the entryway.

■Made of highly breathable mesh and water-resistant nylon that can be used around water, such as in kitchens, unit baths, and toilets.
It is a storage case that does not take up much space and can be hung next to the sink, refrigerator, or washing machine.

■Organization The filling material is made of plastic, so it will not lose its shape even if you put a lot of items in it.
This hanging storage is durable and looks beautiful.

[FREE (cm)] Width 40.4 Height 88.4

[Material] cotton PP board

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] yon0242a

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