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hanging basket

hanging basket

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Introducing an iron hanging basket that can easily and stylishly add storage by simply inserting it into a shelf.
Easy to install anywhere with a shelf, such as the kitchen, laundry space, study or living room.
Iron baskets also have the effect of sprucing up a space, making them a versatile item that combines stylish interior design and practical storage.
There are 2 colors available. There are two sizes: short, S size, and L size.
Easy installation, just plug it in. Installation is easy by simply inserting the hook at the top into a shelf, etc.
Can be used on shelves up to 2.5cm thick.
It can be easily inserted into an existing shelf in a laundry room with limited space, so it is recommended for people who live in rental apartments where it is difficult to drill holes in the walls.
I love that anyone can easily install it without any tools.
The laundry space is attractive because it allows you to store everyday items such as towels, detergent, and hair dryers within easy reach.
Made of strong material, it is not easy to rust, sturdy and durable.
It's removable, so it's easy to clean.

[S(cm)] Width: 19 Depth: 24 Height: 15

[Material] iron

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] yrjJL086a

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