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Basic V-neck knit tops

Basic V-neck knit tops

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A simple and easy-to-wear V-neck knit top.
It has a silhouette that can be worn loosely without constricting, and it goes well with both casual styles such as pants and skirts, as well as neat styles, so it's convenient to have one!
The V-neck makes your décolleté look beautiful, and goes great with accessories.
There is a wide range of colors available, so we recommend choosing one that matches your coordination, or choosing a color that will make you stand out.

[Size cm]
[M(cm)] Length 46.5 Shoulder width 39.5 Width 54 Sleeve length 55
[L(cm)] Length 45 Shoulder width 40.5 Width 54.5 Sleeve length 49
[XL (cm)] Length 51 Shoulder width 47.5 Width 54.5 Sleeve length 50

[Material] 51% rayon, 22% nylon, 27% polyester

[Country of origin] China

[Product number] zyyNJRA15a

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